Keyfiler ends serial number clutter

At Unclutterer, we don’t hesitate to promote other projects of our parent company.

How do you keep track of your software license serial numbers? In a folder in the back of a file cabinet for “safe keeping?” Get rid of that folder of printed out emails and mismatched slips of paper by replacing them with Keyfiler.

Keyfiler is a web-based service that securely stores all of your license information in one place, for easy reference from anywhere in the world. Because Keyfiler is tailored specifically for software, it has features you won’t find in a spreadsheet. And because it’s hosted on reliable servers, you don’t have to worry about misplacing a serial number or deleting a registration email.

You cut down on paper and storage space, the licenses are in a secure web-based service that is accessible from anywhere in the world, and you reduce your office clutter. What more can you ask for? Give it a try.

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  1. posted by Adam Lipkin on

    Mac users already have a wonderful secure app built in to the OS called Keychain. Although it’s not hyped as anything more than the system’s ability to lock programs and files, it can also store (securely) any number of passwords.

  2. posted by Cheap Guy on

    Wow $19.95 for 50 keys. Such a bargain… NOT!

  3. posted by PJ Doland on

    This is really designed for people with several computers who need to keep track of what software is on what computer. Think of small businesses.

    And besides, You can store up to 10 licenses for free.

  4. posted by Cheap Guy on

    If you can find someone who thinks this is worthwhile, more power to you.

  5. posted by Damian on

    “At Unclutterer, we don’t hesitate to promote other projects of our parent company.”

    In other words, you have no objectivity and a “recommendation” of a product you sell is automatically biased and unreliable.

    This blog has a few interesting tips, but I’m starting to see a common thread in a lot of the suggestions: they all seem to end up costing a lot of money.

  6. posted by PJ Doland on

    Damien — I would like to point out that Keyfiler is free for up to 10 licenses, which is good enough for the vast majority of home users. Free doesn’t “end up costing a lot of money.”

    On a side note, clutter is created by things you own. Making better decisions about what to buy helps reduce the problem, just as getting rid of things you don’t need helps reduce the problem. You’ll notice we’ve started a new feature called “Unitasker Wednesdays” focussing on things you should **not** buy.

  7. posted by Rico on

    HOLY SECURITY RISK BATMAN! I would advise against this considering the amount of money you pay for some software. I would question the security methods on their site (trasmitting clear text keys would easily be picked up by a sniffer). Beyond that if the site were ever compromised tons of keys would end up floating around the dark net.

  8. posted by Jack Shedd on

    Rico – as the developer, I can assure you that nothing is transmitted in clear text. The entire site uses SSL, for any and every account. Keys are stored encrypted in the database, and if you use the high-security option, they’re encrypted using your password, which is also hashed on the server.
    Low-security uses a common key, which we protect in numerous ways.

  9. posted by Jack Shedd on

    BTW, we went ahead and just made the service 100% free. Enjoy!

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